Part Time

Massage Therapist

Shaw JCC of Akron 750 White Pond Dr, Akron OH

Large community and fitness facility in Akron is looking for established and newly licensed massage therapists who are looking for opportunity and growth. Join our team and become part of a wonderfully supportive community while encouraging our mission of bringing others to a better state of health and well-being.


  • This facility is looking for a therapist that can offer relaxation massage but mainly possesses a strong, experienced emphasis in deep tissue and therapeutic massage.
  • Therapist needs to be available mainly for later afternoons, evenings, very early mornings or weekends.
  • Be licensed in the State of Ohio.
  • Have good communication skills.
  • Be motivated to help others.
  • Be professional.
  • Must pass required employer screening.
  • Engage in a healthy lifestyle.

Compensation is a straight hourly rate. Facility provides lotions, bedding, supplies and laundry along with marketing support. Therapist will receive free membership to the fitness facility.

Apply now. We look forward to meeting you!