Join the "After School" Fun at the Shaw JCC of Akron!



Participate in basketball clinics with a skilled coach, martial arts lessons with a professional, personal strength training provided by our wonderful fitness staff, art curriculum administered by local art studio Akron Artworks as well as swimming in our wonderful facilities!


The program is Monday-Friday from 3-5 p.m. The rate is $200 per month.


*This fee is included in the price of the All Day Option for the Distance Learning Program.
Enrollment is done by session (per month), and cannot be pro-rated on a daily or weekly basis. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Session 1: Sept. 14 - Oct. 16
Session 2: Oct.19 - Nov. 20
Session 3: Nov. 30 - Dec. 30


Basketball Clinics with Coach Drew Bodnar!
Practice and improve upon various basketball coordination skills through non-contact drills! Various games will be incorporated to make this program engaging and competitive!
Art Class with Talented Staff from Akron Artworks!
Each week explore a different medium and create some great art. From making your own sketchbook to painting to clay -- art is messy, fun, and a great way to express yourself! 
Strength Training
Learn how to stay fit and strong with Fitness Trainer Justice Kemp! 
Perform fun, quick and challenging circuit workouts!
Utilize our wonderful outdoor and indoor swimming facilities for free swim time in a designated spot!
Martial Arts 
Master multiple martial arts techniques with the help of Victory Defense Systems owner Adam Boyer! The incorporation of self-defense tactics will also be a part of this skill-building program!