Join the "After School" Fun at the Shaw JCC of Akron!



In replacement of our traditional "Kidspace" after-school program, we, at The Shaw JCC of Akron, are offering Enrichment Programs!


Children ages 5-12 are eligible. Participate in physical education activities, martial arts lessons with a professional, personal strength training provided by our wonderful fitness staff, art classes as well as swimming in our wonderful facilities!


The program is Monday-Friday from 3-5:30 p.m. The rate is $250 per month.


Enrollment is done by session (per month), and cannot be pro-rated on a daily or weekly basis. We apologize for the inconvenience.

*You must be a member of the Shaw JCC in order to participate in the after-school programming! Please contact Brenda Hite, Membership Director, at 330-835-0049 or for more information on becoming a member.


After-School Enrichment Programming Session Schedule

March PM Care - March 15 - April 2 - Pro-Rated for the month of March

April PM Care - April 6 - 30

May PM Care - May 3 - 28


*DROP-OFF: Drop Off will be at the JCC Front Entrance. Please remain in your vehicle. Your child's temperature will be taken while in the car, and unless your child's temperature is 100.4+ degrees F, he/she will be escorted inside of the building.

*PICK-UP: Pick Up will be at the JCC Front Entrance. Please remain in your vehicle, your child will be brought out to the car. Pick Up starts at 5:00 and ends strictly at 5:30. While we will accommodate the occasional early pick up exception (appointments, etc.), please plan to arrive between 5:00pm and 5:30pm.

Physical Education Activities
WERQ! Fitness instructor and professional dance choreographer, Tong Xu, will incorporate music and dancing into this fun fitness class!
Art Class
Each week explore a different medium and create some great art. From making your own sketchbook to painting to clay -- art is messy, fun, and a great way to express yourself! 
Martial Arts 
Master multiple martial arts techniques with the help of Victory Defense Systems owner Adam Boyer! The incorporation of self-defense tactics will also be a part of this skill-building program! 
Learn how to stay fit and strong with Fitness Trainer Justice Kemp! 
Perform fun, quick and challenging circuit workouts!
Utilize our wonderful outdoor and indoor swimming facilities for free swim time in a designated spot!


“Learning Stations” will be socially distanced

Social distancing will be encouraged and enforced at all times

Masks need to be worn by students at all times (except when eating and for Wednesday’s Fitness Program, Thursday’s Swim Program & Friday’s Martial Arts Program)

Temperatures will be taken prior to students arrival to the program space

Families will remain in their vehicles during drop off and pick up

All staff will be wearing a mask at *all* times

Handwashing will be performed upon arrival and after each activity/transition

Any materials touched by students/staff will be sanitized properly