Members: Bring a Friend to The JCC free of charge in October! Just stop by the Fitness Desk, fill out a guest pass, and bring your buddy along!
*Guests must be accompanied by a JCC member to enter the facility.
*Guests must be 18+ years of age.
*If they are joining a Group Ex class class with you, make they reserve ahead of time. Ask the desk staff to reserve their spot in the My J app.
*Limit 5 guest visits per member.

Complimentary JCCFitPlan for Members Only

Get fit your way with a FREE personalized fitness program when you join The J. No intimidation, only accountability. You receive two complimentary appointments with a personal trainer designed to support you in your pursuit of health and wellness. The first appointment is a consultation with a certified personal trainer who will discuss your fitness goals and help you develop an achievable plan for success. The second appointment is a one-on-one session to help you put your plan into action. Schedule your appointments when you join, or call 330-835-0040 or stop by the personal training office.


FREE orientation when you join!

The J is far beyond a workout facility. It’s a place to find your passion and reach for the stars. It’s a caring community that inspires values. It’s a place to meet new friends and set your family on a path to wellness. It’s your second home. It’s the J. 


The Shaw JCC is open to all members of our community regardless of religious preference, marital, sexual, or economic status. Experience the J.

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