Membership Fees                   

To join, or to schedule a tour, please call 330-867-7850 or stopy by our facility during regular business hours. Why wait? Register Online Today


Per month for a

12 month membership

Per month for a

6 month membership

Senior Adult (70 plus)
Young Adult (18-29)
Senior Adult Couple (70 plus)
Single Adult (30 plus)   
Single Parent Family  
Adult Couple   
Family           $89.00 $116.01
Optional Services                          
Towel Service (Per Family)                 

Towel Service with Small Locker                              $6.25  
Towel Service with Large Locker                            $12.50   
Towel Service with Small Locker (70 plus)             $4.17   
Towel Service with Large Locker (70 plus)




Registration Fees

Registration fees are payable at the time you join. Fees are $100 for family, adult couple, single parent family and single adult memberships. Registration fees are $75 for young adult, senior adult couple and senior adult memberships. Corporate discounts may apply,

* The Shaw JCC of Akron is a non-profit agency providing opportunities for personal growth and wellness at every stage of life. We are open to all members of our community without regard to race, gender, religious preference, marital or economic status. Through Families Supporting Families, our annual giving program, we are able to offer more than $100,000 in membership discounts and scholarships based on demonstrated financial need. Please don't hesitate to let us know if you would like to apply.