Tiger Kids Kung Fu


Tuesdays, June 8-July 27 I 4:30-5:15 PM


The Tiger Kids Kung Fu Class is for students 7-12 years old of any experience level. Each class is 45 mins long and is taught by one of our head instructors. In the class, students will learn Kung Fu, Bully Prevention, Stranger Awareness and monthly character development topics. This curriculum is taught through different and fun skills of: teamwork, focusing, balance, memory, fitness, agility, coordination and timing.


Members: $55/Guests $66


To register call the Fitness Desk at 330-835-0042



Wing Chun Kung Fu


Tuesdays, June 8-July 27 I 5:30-6:30 PM


Wing Chun Kung Fu is a great martial art to learn for self defense and personal improvement. Students for the 60 minute class are 13 and up with any level of skill. Wing Chun is relatively easy to learn and continues to give a lifetime of lessons. In class, we will: strengthen our bodies, learn different strikes, kicks and forms and work with partners for application. The class culture is fun, safe and fosters personal growth.

The class follows our motto of, “Timeless Tradition, Modern Methods.” We continue to pass the proud tradition of Wing Chun into today with the best methods to help our students defend themselves, grow personally and develop a new athletic interest.


Members: $79/Guests $95


To register call the Fitness Desk at 330-835-0042



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