200-Hour Holistic Leaders Yoga Teacher Training

Accredited by Yoga Alliance 


The main aim of this empowering training is to create a small and supportive group experience to live the teachings of yoga. The allow those teachings to enrich the quality of life for participants. And to allow those teachings and improved quality of life to inspire participants to become yoga teachers. Successful completion of this program results in certification at the 200 hour level by the Yoga Alliance standards. More importantly, everyone will walk away with their own personal story of transformation. In the holistic leaders program, we believe the process of learning to live a yogic lifestyle can awaken one’s self to greater possibilities for their life.

This school is a 10-month program, starting in late September, with 4 semesters. Class will meet once a week on Thursday evenings for 2.5 hours plus weekend sessions once a month. (A few special events/retreats may occur. Dates will be decided at a later date.)



September 30-June 23

Class Meets:

• Every Thursday, 6-8:30 p.m. 

• First weekend each month, 10 a.m.-4 p.m.

•  Class Participants will determine by the beginning of September which weekend day works best for the class.


Four Semesters

Fall Semester: Philosophy & Yoga Foundations

•  September-November (8-10 weeks)

Winter Semester 1: Hatha Yoga Techniques, Practice and Anatomy

•  December-February (8-10 weeks)

Winter 2/Spring Semester: Breathing Exercises, Mindfulness & Meditation

•  February-April (8-10 weeks)

Summer Semester: Teaching Methods and Practicum

•  April-June (8-10 weeks)



•  Early-Bird Pricing 90+ days early = 15% off

•  31-90 days early = 10% off

•  Members discount pricing available


Please contact Kevin Karas at kevinjameskaras@gmail.com or call 330-592-0530 to find out more about this program. To sign up directly, please call the JCC at 330-867-7850.

Develop a Yogic Lifestyle  Experiential Learning  Holistic Pedagogy • Transformational Process  Service-Oriented  Diversity & Inclusion • Build Connections in the Local Yoga & Conscious Community  Social Justice  Small Group Experience  Student-Centered Process  Flexible Program  Special Topics Covered

Please contact Kevin Karas at kevinjameskaras@gmail.com or call 330-592-0530 to find out more about this program. To sign up directly, please call the JCC at 330-867-7850.

      Kevin's been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade. He started practicing yoga and mindfulness when he was 16 years old. While attending Undergrad at The University of Akron, he founded a yoga and mindfulness-based student group which grew from 2 to 7, to 14, to eventually 400 members. His senior leadership research project focused on studying mindfulness in the workplace. Kevin graduated in 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Sociology, and Psychology from the University of Akron with a minor in Conflict Transformation & Social Entrepreneurship and certification in Leadership Advancement.


     He is currently completing his Master of Communication with a focus in Holistic Pedagogy from The University of Akron. His research on the contemplative practices and presence of master teachers of yoga, meditation, & holistic education.


    In 2015, Kevin also started volunteering at Elevate Akron. He moved up the ranks to become Volunteer Coordinator and is now Executive Director of Elevate Akron. This nonprofit organization has served to make yoga and wellness-based practices accessible to 13,000 people through their annual festival and community programming.


     Kevin's yoga teacher training certification is an E-RYT 500, the most advanced training in the yoga industry, which allows him to train other advanced teachers. In 2015, Kevin opened up his own wellness-based business called Holistic Leaders LLC. In this role, Kevin not only teaches yoga and mindfulness but all hosts teach training sessions to train yoga and meditation teachers. To date, he has spent over 2,000 hours developing his content and hosting training over the last 4 years. His program is accredited at Yoga Alliance, meeting all the requirements. He also taught public community classes at The University of Akron, The Shaw JCC of Akron, Yoga Squared, and several other yoga studios, healing centers, and gyms in the region.  

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