The Shaw JCC is all about fun, fitness and friends for children and teens. We offer a variety of year-round programs for youth and teens in grades K-12. New in November - Fit through Fun (grades K-3) and Athletic Performance Training (grades 4-12). For more information about any of the programs described below, please contact Laura Roberts, Youth & Camp Director, at 330-835-0052 or email her. To register, call 330-867-7850. 


Fit through Fun is a games-based approach to introduce children grades K-3 to fitness! Each week, we will work on specific exercises that will help children develop coordination, muscle development, agility and balance. Nov. 1-Dec. 20, Tuesdays, 5-6 p.m. Cost: $65 M/$85 G. Mention Code 602.301 when you call 330-867-7850 to register! Or stop by the fitness desk.
The Fit Through Fun Program is an eight week introduction to fitness for children in grades K-3.  During each 60 minute session, children will learn to perform one basic exercise each week (squat, push up, sit up, etc) including proper form and technique. Children will learn the major muscle groups for each exercise while having fun building strength and endurance. The last half of each session the children will participate in a group game to teach teamwork and the importance of physical activity in a fun, non-competitive setting to keep them moving. Your kids will be able to track their progress each week with fitness logs. The Fit Through Fun Program will help children build strength, endurance, teamwork, a love of physical activity and friendships!


Athletic Performance Training develops athlete’s speed, strength and agility to help enhance their performance on and off the field or court for grades 4-12. Nov. 1-Dec. 20, Tuesdays, 6-7:30 p.m. Cost: $65 M/$85 G. Mention code 602.302.



Warm Up (10 Minutes)
Designed to increase the heart rate and prepare muscles we will be using during each specific session. This will be done together as a whole class giving the opportunity for participants to engage and build team bonding through icebreakers. 


Resistance Exercises (45 Minutes)
Each session will target different muscle groups including: Teaching and giving examples of how each muscles is used in a variety of sports and other physical activities. This part of the session will focus on more resistance based training.


Nov. 1- Legs
Nov. 8 - Chest  
Nov. 15 - Back and shoulders
Nov. 22 - Legs
Nov. 29 - Bicep and Triceps 
Dec. 6 - Chest 
Dec. 13 - Back and Shoulders
Dec. 20 - Biceps and Triceps 


Speed, Agility, Balance, Neuromuscular, Core (30 minutes)
Using muscle specific activities to increase speed of activity, agility and movements on given cues, balancing techniques, and also engage in neuromuscular training to adapt muscle memory and proprioception. This will be done through various activities paralleled with sports and physical activities.