A Passover Journey for Our Little Ones

Happy Passover! This week we continue to learn about Passover in our classrooms. The children participated in a Seder with their friends and teachers in their classrooms. Your children will demonstrate a great knowledge of Passover. Be sure to ask questions. They will impress you.

Our teachers and students participated in a Passover Story Walk last week in the lobby and throughout The J. Different stations were set up to represent components of the Passover story. As the children visited each station, a portion of the story was read to them. From baby Moses to the burning bush and on to 

Passover storywalk1.jpg

Pharaoh and Moses and the parting of the sea, the children were able to participate in this visual representation of the story of Passover. Our walk ended with singing with Shabbat Scott. 

We are very thankful to the Granny Group, The Lippman School students, Scott Zorn and several of our own teachers for their role in this event.


Ms. Rachel, our ECE office manager is staying here within the JCC but is leaving our department. For those of you that don’t know, Rachel is involved with Adult/Senior programming on the JCC campus and her position is expanding. I am so thankful for all the organization Rachel brought to the ECE office and am grateful for her “techno” skills that have helped us tremendously as we launched Kaymbu last fall. Fortunately, she will still be around for us to visit here at The J.

Diane Galizio, SACC (School-Age Child Care) Coordinator will be sharing an office with me. Diane and I share the Child Care License and she will be of great value as we continue to keep things running smoothly here in the ECE. Once she is settled, I will share her contact information as she will be the one to contact regarding updated paperwork, medical statement, etc.


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