Families Supporting Families

It takes just one person to make one difference. BE the ONE!


When you touch someone’s life through your support of The J’s Families Supporting Families annual giving program, you create a ripple effect that strengthens our whole community. Your donation may help a child go to Camp JCC or the Mandel Early Childhood Education Center. Or, give a struggling family a welcoming, safe place to get healthy, and seniors an opportunity to connect with others and get support. One gift of any size will make a tremendous difference in the lives of families in our community. It takes just one person to make one difference. BE the ONE.


To make a tax deductible donation:

*Make a secure donation online 

*Call 330-835-0025 to set up monthly payments 

*Stop by the Shaw JCC's front desk



  • Lucas and Lilli have been coming to the Shaw JCC for as long as they can remember. As babies and toddlers, they enjoyed a warm and nurturing environment at the Mandel Early Childhood Center, and then recently, experienced Camp JCC in the summer and KidSpace after school child care. These siblings have many friends and spent many joy-filled hours here at the J.

To make a tax deductible donation:

  • Make a secure online donation.
  • Set up monthly payments through the business office at 330-835-0025
  • Stop by the Shaw JCC’s Front Desk.