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The J is far beyond a workout facility. It's a caring community where friendships are forged; It's a an orchard of programs that get you to the starts; It's a path to wellness; It's a set of values that make an impact; It's your second home; It's the J. Live up!​


The Shaw JCC is  open to all members of our community regardless of religious preference, marital, sexual, or economic status. 

Group Exercise Classes

Upcoming Events

  • Family Fun Day & Open House



Facility Hours 

Mon-Thu: 5 am-9 pm 
Fri: 5 am-6 pm 
Sat-Sun: 7 am-6 pm


Business Hours 

Mon-Thu: 8 am-8 pm 
Fri: 8 am-6 pm 
Sun: 8 am-4 pm


Thanksgiving Hours 

Thursday, November 26: 8 am-1 pm

Friday, November 27: 8: am-1 pm 

Our business office will be closed on Thanksgiving day