Specialty Camps


Spend your week exploring your favorite interests and discovering new hobbies in our incredible one-week specialty camps. All specialty campers (excluding Horseback Riding) will get to go on a fun and exciting field trip and swim daily in our outdoor pool. All specialty camps are led by talented professionals.


Member: $230   Non-member: $325

Grades 1-3    |     Week 3: July 22-26    

                               Week 8: July 27-31

Campers will spend the week with our sports staff doing a variety of sports-related activities. Rather than choosing one focus sport, our all-sports campers will play different sports and sports-related activities each day. Campers will focus on skill-building, sportsmanship, and teamwork while learning the rules and strategies of many different sports.


All-Sports League

Member: $230   Non-member: $325

Grades 4-8    |     Week 2: June 15-19

Campers will be split up into two teams for the week and will compete in a variety of sports and sports-related activities. Coached by our sports staff, campers will get to show off their skills while focusing on sportsmanship and teamwork


Art in Nature

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-5    |     Week 10: Aug. 10-14

A week of fun and adventure that combines the great outdoors with artistic expression. It is the perfect program for campers who want to link their creative and artistic expression using the outdoors as their canvas. Campers spend their days in nature finding different mediums for their art projects, and getting inspired by the colors and patterns of the natural world.



Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-8    |     Week 7: July 20-24

Camp JCC baseball camp will help your camper improve his/her skills and learn to play America’s favorite pastime. Campers will benefit from coaching from our sports staff to improve their fielding, batting and catching skills, and will have many opportunities throughout the week for game-play. They can also look forward to a visit from members of the Akron Rubber Ducks baseball team.



Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-8    |     Week 7: July 20-24

Camp JCC basketball camp offers an opportunity for campers to build fundamental skills including ball handling and performance drills. Campers will play interactive games that include dribble tag, team money ball, scrimmages and more.


Classic LEGO Camp

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-3    |     Week 2: June 15-19

Grades 4-8    |     Week 5: July 6-10

A favorite, Lego camp with instructor Rocco Galizio returns to allow kids to explore and expand their creativity and building skills. Campers will participate in building challenges each day, will enjoy a trip to the LEGO store, and will have the opportunity to show off their unique LEGO creations to friends and family.


Culinary Creations

Member: $300   Non-member: $400

Grades 4-8    |     Week 2: June 15-19

Grab the measuring tools; it’s time to get cooking! Campers will learn new recipes and proper cooking techniques while using fresh ingredients from our camp garden. Campers will also learn about kitchen safety, nutrition, and meal planning. *If your camper has allergies, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in all the fun, please give us a call and we will make sure that they also have a safe experience that they will never forget.


Dance Camp

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 3-8    |     Week 2: June 15-19

Campers will spend the week learning jazz-funk, modern, and contemporary styles of dance. Led by members of the University of Akron dance team, campers will also work on a dance to be presented on the final day of camp in order to showcase their hard work and newly acquired skills. *Performances will take place at 2 p.m. on Friday


Edible Art

Member: $300   Non-member: $400

Grades 1-4    |     Week 5: July 6-10

In this unique and exciting camp, campers will combine cooking skills with artistic style to build edible art creations. Not only will campers have a chance to explore their creative side, they can also eat their masterpieces! Campers will use candy, fruit, frosting, whipped cream, and other yummy surprises to create cute, fun, and delicious art. *If your camper has allergies, that doesn’t mean they can’t participate in all the fun, please give us a call and we will make sure that they also have a safe experience that they will never forget.


Horseback Riding

Member: $360   Non-member: $420

Grades 3-8    |     Preview: June 1-5

                                Week 10: Aug. 17-21

Campers will learn the basics of how to ride a horse, proper care and grooming, and enjoy trail rides with the horses at the Camp Y-Noah stables. This camp is a favorite and will fill up very quickly. Transportation to/from Camp Y-Noah is provided. Parents are required to sign a waiver.


Makerspace & 3D Printing

Member: $300   Non-member: $400

Grades 4-8    |     Week 8: July 27-31                    

Campers will spend time in our Camp JCC makerspace designing, experimenting, building, and inventing. Campers will use a wide variety of materials and techniques to bring their designs to life. Campers will also get to spend time using our 3D printers.


Messy Art & Exploration

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-4    |     Week 3: June 22-26            

Campers will push the limits of arts & crafts at the only specialty camp that gives you total permission to get super messy! Paint filled balloons, squirt guns, shaving cream, bubbles, and ice chalk are just some of the super fun, super messy ways campers will be able to express themselves. Campers will also learn about color and different painting techniques.


Mixed Media

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 4-8    |     Week 6: July 13-17          

Campers will delve into the wonderful world of visual arts! They will spend the week learning about different mediums and techniques including painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts and clay. Our talented instructors will demonstrate several fun techniques in a variety of 2D and 3D materials and work with each student to help them convey their unique personality in their work.


Model Robots & Action Figures

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 4-8    |     Week 3: June 22-26       

Campers will spend the week building, painting, and detailing their own Gunpla model robot or action figure. These intricate pieces can serve as both a display piece and an action figure for play. This camp is perfect for older campers who love Legos and building things and are interested in picking up a new hobby.


Musical Theater Group

Member: $560   Non-member: $650

Grades 2-8    |     Week 7 & 8: July 20-24 & 27-31    

Join Weathervane Playhouse for a fun and interactive, two-week musical theater camp. Campers will learn music, while also working on their acting and dancing skills to prepare for a culminating performance. The musical will be announced on the first day of the camp.


Pokemon Masters

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-4    |     Week 6: July 13-17

At Pokémon Masters, campers will spend the week immersed in the world of Pikachu, Ash Ketchum and Charizard. Campers will design their own PokeBall and Pokémon cards, participate in a camp-wide Pokémon hunt, and learn how defeat any opponent in the trading card game. By the end of the week, your camper will be a true Pokémon Master!



Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 1-8    |     Week 5: July 6-10

Camp JCC soccer camp offers soccer skill instruction, gameplay situations, and fun-filled games centered on soccer skill development. Throughout the week, our sports staff will lead campers through a variety of drills and game-play. The week will end with the World Cup tournament. This camp will be a great way for players of all levels to improve their game and be more competitive on the soccer field.


Sports Performance and Training

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 4-8    |     Week 6: July 13-17

Campers will spend the week with some of the Shaw JCC fitness staff and personal trainers participating in warm-ups, cool downs, endurance training, agility training, and more. Campers will learn drills and exercises that focus on different muscle groups in order to improve their performance in sports.


Wearable Arts

Member: $285   Non-member: $380

Grades 4-8    |     Week 9: Aug. 3-7

At Wearable Arts Camp, campers will design and create their own wearable art pieces. During the week, campers will learn dyeing and beadwork techniques, like tie-dying, batik, as well as how to repurpose items into wearable creations. Campers will wrap up a week of design with a mini fashion show of their own!