Electronics Usage & Policy


These restrictions and guidelines regarding electronics usage allow us to successfully implement the rules that are created and enforced by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services, the agency that issues our license. 


Electronics (cell phones, laptops, tablets, etc.) are prohibited during transporting back and forth from the Shaw JCC to the schools.


Most days, the school-aged children will be given time around 4 p.m. to use their school Chromebooks for either homework or educational games and reading. Chromebooks are not permitted to be used for any other reason while the children are in our care. 


Cell phone use, including texting, making phone calls, or playing games is not permitted while in our KidSpace program. 


As a staff, it is our responsibility to monitor the use of all electronic devises to make sure that inappropriate material is not consumed or exposed to your child and other children in our program. Electronic privileges may be suspended should a child knowingly enable content that is not suitable for KidSpace. 


Thank you for your help from home as we strive to continue to promote an environment that is fun, engaging, safe and educational for your children.